Flame Diffuser


Look out warm winter fireplace moods! This is a ‘MUST HAVE’.

Has 7x LED light colors you can change at the click of a button.

Includes: FREE Wild Orange Essential Oil (worth $20)

Perfect to use for your essential oil collection.

This ‘fireplace’ effect Essential Oil Diffuser will have you mesmorised for hours.

This beautifully crafted diffuser combines the timeless charm of a flame with the soothing aroma of your favorite essential oils. The mesmerizing, flickering flame creates a warm and inviting ambiance while gently dispersing the therapeutic scents.

It works extremely well to fill your home, office or any space with the scent of your chosen essential oils and looks amazing.

Includes: FREE Wild Orange Essential Oil to awaken your senses and give you warm fireplace feel good vibes. ($20 Value)

Product Details

  • Simple to use, on/off and color change button
  • 7x LED light colors to choose from
  • Automatic power off when water is low
  • Black Plastic with Chrome Silver Buttons
  • Goes perfect with any decor
Mist Type: Cool Mist
Power Supply: USB Powered
Material: Plastic


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