Fast Facts

Born and raised co…

Fast Facts

Born and raised country girl coming from the small outback town of Merbein, Vic. Situated just outside Mildura on the Murray River, Tania rode her horse to school in the summers.

John Howard, Prime Minister at the time, requested to meet Tania on his tour to India, congratulating her on raising awareness to Australians about Bollywood.

a Fully Qualified Natural Beauty Therapist, Makeup Artist and Masseuse.

trained in Muay Thai kickboxing, reaching her instructors level and spent time training in Thailand.

holds a diploma in ‘Freelance Writing for Journalism’ and writes articles for various magazines both in Australia and overseas.

lived in Paris for a year , took time off work to go to school to learn French and commuted to London fortnightly on the Eurostar for Tv commitments.

holds her international car racing license for the various celebrity car races she participates in.