Media Appeal

Media favorite..

Media Appeal

Tania is a media favorite around the world. She has featured in more than 25 TV commercials for Personal Endorsements and Brand Ambassador Roles. Her media appeal extends to a remarkably wide demographic thanks to diversity of her career, international and her international recognition. She is acclaimed for holding a genuine enthusiasm for the companies and products she represents.

Aware of the importance of appealing to the male demographic while also remaining ‘female friendly’ , Tania balances her projects, magazine stories and photo shoots accordingly.

Her popularity and international profile make her a prime choice for companies wanting ‘A Face’ in orderto maximise their media exposure and brand building ability.

Clients wishing to explore business opportunities and launch products into one of the biggest markets in the world, ‘India’, continually approach Tania for her knowledge, contacts, expertise and recognition within the Bollywood crazed country. Also, companies wanting to entice Indian business to Australia also utilise Tania’s cross marketing appeal.

Tania’s campaigns include ‘Face of Madagascar’, ‘Australian Skin Clinic’ & ‘Lemon Detox’which was a year long highly successful promotion featuring Tania in TV commercials, magazine spreads and on radio advertisments ‘Lemon Detox’ was a sell out within months.

With 10 years kickboxing experience behind her including 3 weeks training at a MuayThai Kickboxing school in Thailand, Tania launched her own series of kickboxing fitness Dvd’s‘Box with Tania’.

She teamed up with 2 world martial arts champions to offer a complete training system. It comprised 4 workout Dvd’sincluding ‘Abs special’ and a nutrition and exercise booklet.

‘Box with Tania’ was launched in Australia and then distributed throughout India.

Soon following, leading sports manufacturer ‘Asics’honouredTania by naming a shoe after her, ‘Gel Zaetta’. Anew model cross trainer to the women’s range of Lateral Trainers. ‘The name ‘Gel Zaetta’ comes from the inspiration of one of Australia’s top personalities, whose training regime suits the very concept upon which this shoe was developed. We wanted to utiliseTania Zaetta’senergy and personal attitude to encourage other women to get out there and also have a go’, stated Asics Oceana General Manager.

As far as could be researched by Asics at the time, this was the first occasion a shoe had ever been named after a TV personality.

Tania has continually been voted one of the ‘Sexiext Women in the World’by leading publications and international polls,. Shehas graced more than 50 magazines covers spanning glamour, gossip, health and beauty, lifestyle, sports and men’s magazines. Included are FHM covers in Australia, UK Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok and India.

She’s voted as having one of the ‘Best 5 Butts in the World’ alongside Elle Macpherson, Cameron Diaz, Kylie Minogue and Liz Hurley, according to men’s magazines worldwide. A humorous title that has now spanned for more than a decade. FHM readers also repeatedly vote her as one of the ’Sexiest Woman on TV’

In Australia she was voted the most likely to be “Lara Croft”on ‘JJJ’s’national radio station poll andRalph Magazinevoted her “Body on TV”. In India ‘New Man’ magazine writes, ‘She gives J’Lo a run for her money about who has the ‘best figure’ in the business’.In the UK, Tania recently appeared in FHM UK, OK! Magazine, News of the World Sunday Magazine, The Daily Star, Daily Star Magazine and also in the first edition of ‘Nuts Magazine’.

In India rarely a week goes by, or a magazine comes out without mention of , or have a feature about Tania. The ‘Evolving Tania’ continues to surprise all with each new anticipated adventure she undertakes.