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Tania Zaetta’s pregnant at 48 with twins: “My donor egg miracle!”

Who Dares Wins star Tania Zaetta shares her biggest victory of all – motherhood! – with Womans Day

Tania Zaetta made her name overseeing crazy, incredible challenges on TV as the host of Who Dares Wins.

But nothing prepared her for the shock discovery she had left it too late to have a baby naturally, when she and partner Chris Rogers decided to take the first step towards parenthood three years ago.

“I drove home in tears to Chris and he was just so beautiful and supportive,” remembers Tania, 48,
who wanted to tell her inspirational story in Woman’s Day to debunk “fertility myths” she feels cost some women their chance of motherhood.

Tania's wants people to know that it's never too late.
Tania’s wants people to know that it’s never too late.

The only option

“It’s very confronting when you hear the number and quality of your eggs is quite low at 45. But there were so many woman claiming miracle babies at 45, I just thought 
it would happen quite easily.”

“But for lots of women it doesn’t. To be able to have 
an egg donor baby, that’s the miracle to me.”

Tania says she always knew she wanted to have children, but was also determined to wait to have babies when the time was right.

“I was always going to be 
a mum, but I was single for a long time, and I wanted to wait for the right man – and Chris was the right man,” she says.

Chris and Tania are overjoyed!
Chris and Tania are overjoyed!

And it really was a case of love at first sight for Tania when she spotted Chris, who is 13 years her junior, during a girls pampering weekend at the famous Peninsula Hot Springs on the Mornington Peninsula almost seven years ago.”

“This gorgeous man walked by and we locked eyes and that was it,” she smiles, explaining that it was only a matter of three dates before she decided to move from the Gold Coast to the Mornington Peninsula to be with Chris.

“I came for a visit and never left!”

With “beautiful old soul” Chris happy to support any choice she made after Tania came to terms with her fertility heartache, the TV star spent the next two years considering her choices and researching options – in secret.

“I’m a very private person, so 
I just sat back and listened to everyone’s stories, and I had a lot of friends doing IVF, but not necessarily successfully,” she explains, adding that she eventually decided an egg 
donor was the only option.

Tania says she made the decision after reading about comedian Mary Coustas and 
TV star Sonia Kruger’s fertility challenges and their joy after giving birth to their daughters, at 49, with the help of donor eggs.

Tania became a household name back in the '90s.
Tania became a household name back in the ’90s.

Exceptionally lucky

“That was a game changer for me and it helped with my decision,” says the star, who 
also made it big in Bollywood.

“I really resonated with Sonia’s story because, like me, she is very fit and healthy, yet she was very open with her story and in reminding women you’re only born with a certain amount 
of eggs – and they expire.”

Tania reserves her highest praise for leading fertility expert Dr Nick Lolatgis, who helped Mary Coustas conceive in 2014 with a donor egg.

“I call him the baby maker,” says Tania.

He told her from the outset very few women over 45 fall pregnant without a donor egg.

It worked for Tania!
It worked for Tania!

With his support, Tania and Chris went to Greece five months ago after deciding she wanted an anonymous donor rather than a friend or relative.

There they were matched with 
a donor who resembled Tania.

“We didn’t tell anyone except my mum Heather because 
I didn’t want that extra pressure,” she says, adding she had two donor eggs implanted, hoping one may result in their longed-for baby.

“I was exceptionally lucky because it worked the 
first time with IVF.”

Positive thinking

Tania supported her medical miracle with Chinese herbs, acupuncture and organic food, but also “willed this to happen with positive thinking”.

When she found she was pregnant two weeks after the procedure, she was blown away.

“I had tears of joy rolling down my face, and when the 
12-week scan showed a second heartbeat, it was absolutely incredible. We haven’t found out the sex of the two babies 
yet or decided on names. We just call them Lefty and Righty!”

The incredible Melbourne doctor who helped me, maybe he can help you too…..
The Clinic in Athens he works with and where I went to see Dr Konstantinos Pantos is….

Hosting Collingwood FC Red Carpet

Dark dress

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Had a fun night hosting the Red Carpet arrivals for Collingwood Football Clubs -  Copeland Trophy Awards Night at Crown Palladium.

Such a passionate Afl Club and they never have any trouble finding an Mc for the night with Eddie Macquire as their Club President.

Big thanks to everyone who helped me get ready for the event, I absolutely loved my Elle Zeitoune Dress and elegant look for the night.

Dress by Elle Zeitoune Designs (Feb Release)

Hair/Makeup by Jacqueline Kalab

Tan by Puretan Australia 

Flat Tummy by Tania Zaetta Online Pilates Program 

Dark dress
back of dress

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It’s here..

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Tania Zaetta – Optislim Ambassador

April, 2012

Best known for her work on adventure TV series, Who Dares Wins, action show Mission Implausible on Sky 1 and Discovery along with a host of Bollywood films, Tania is back on screens on the popular series The Celebrity Apprentice Australia.

As an Australian household name for nearly 2 decades, Tania is also recognised as havingone of the best bodies in the business’ and leads an active sporty life that helps keep her in great shape with a physique both admired and envied by many and continually sees her included on the ‘Sexiest women in the World’ lists

Tania, who is a firm advocate of the benefits of leading a balanced and healthy lifestyle, is “a natural fit for the Optislim brand” says Optislim Managing Director, Garry McDonald. She is energetic, healthy, and most importantly; she shares our passion for weight loss and weight maintenance”.

For her part, the Bollywood beauty attributes her enviable physique to a combination of Optislim Shakes, Bars and Soups, which “fit easily into my filming bag and provide a perfect meal when I’m on set and everyone else is eating cake and pastries. That way I know I always have something healthy and low calorie in my bag”, says Tania.

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Full Press Release available:
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Latest News

Muscular Dystrophy Charity Night

with Special International Guest – Jerry Lewis

Tania was thrilled to MC the prestigious Muscular Dystrophy Gala Charity Night recently in Melbourne.

Special International Guest and Muscular Dystrophy Ambassador Jerry Lewis made a rare appearance on the night speaking for 45 mins telling stories of his ‘Funnyman’ days alongside Dean Martin and Sammy Davies Jnr.
Tania Mc’d the evening along with Australian UnderBelly Star – Simon Westaway. Simon played the character of legendary underworld figure Mick Gatto who was present on the night and is the generous man behind organising the event each year.

The night raised much needed funds and was touted as one of the most stylish events of the year.


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Body ~ Health Beauty

Tips, Tricks & Secrets

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‘As women we’re great at looking after everyone else but forget to find time to look after ourselves’

Tania Zaetta - Body,Health,Beauty Speaker

‘Learn my simple solutions towards leading a healthier, fitter, more balanced life’  ~ Tania Zaetta

Media Personality ~ Natural Beauty Therapist ~ Health, Fitness, Lifestyle Mentor

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 Aussie Bollywood Star

Tania Zaetta

She’s continually voted one of the ‘Sexiest Women in the world’ by leading magazine.

 Is reported as having one of the‘Best 5 Butts in the World’ alongside Elle Macpherson, Cameron Diaz, Kylie Minogue and Liz Hurley according to men’s magazines worldwide after FHM ran an international voting poll.

Has hosted countless Tv shows around the world including the hits, ‘Who Dares Wins’, ‘Extreme Dhamaka India’ and ‘Mission Implausible (SKY1  UK)

Became the ‘first foreigner to conquer Bollywood’ after her role in ‘Bunty aur Babli’ alongside Bollywood Icon Amithab Bachchanhis son Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai.

Then a leading role in ’Salaam Namaste’ with Saif Ali Khan and Preity Zinta.

With her sultry, stylish looks, Gold Coasts favorite celebrity oozes ageless natural beauty.

While her eyes capture you her gorgeous smile and toned body make her the envy of many women.

But it’s not all long legs and tans – sexiness oozes from within and personality counts for a lot.

As ambassador for many charities and causes, Tania uses her name and fame to bring recognition to causes she holds close to her heart.

At nearly twice the age of some of the other Gold Coasters on the ‘Sexy List’ Tania’s grace and style show that beauty really is timeless.


Tweets For Treats

‘Tania Zaetta & Michael Clarke Tweet for Charity Treats’

Gold Coast Bulletin Regina King

FOR a long time many of us have wondered about the point of Twitter but finally there is evidence that it actually can be helpful as Bollywood Actress & Tv Host Tania Zaetta has discovered while busy organising the annual ‘Jazz & Soul’ fundraising night for ‘Peace for The Children’ charity .

Tweeting from @taniazaetta about the big event, the part time Gold Coast resident when not in Sydney or overseas, mentioned the run down of the night including an Auction taking place.

Within minutes one of her followers @MClarke23 tweeted back  he would like to donate something to be auctioned.

The MClarke23 in question was none other than Australian Cricketer Michael Clarke who promised an autographed team shirt from Day 1 of the 2010-2011 Ashes Tour in Brisbane for the big night to help raise proceeds to save the innocent victims of war, mainly the children.

Two big hearted people using the power of Twitter & Celebrity for good.

Celebrating Delhi’s Commonwealth Games

Hi all, well after nearly 2 months on the road overseas doing a heap of work stuff… & a little play stuff, I’m back :)

To celebrate the Delhi Commonwealth Games closing ceremony I thought I’d post a special pic from my first Bollywood film ‘Bunty aur Babli’ which was actually filmed in Delhi.

This is my favorite outfit EVER!    Tx

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Tania Zaetta left speechless by security scare – Bomb Threat

Sydney ConfidentialDaily Telegraph

Wed 11th August, 2010

BEACH babe Tania Zaetta was left short of speech – literally – on Monday night after being caught in the middle of the Hilton Hotel bomb scare.

The big-in-Bollywood beauty was poised to give a talk to the 500 guests, including cricketer Nathan Bracken, at the Australian Indian Business Council when a “security breach” caused a mass evacuation of the grand ballroom before she took to the stage.

Premier Kristina Keneally was mid-speech when the event was cancelled and the people escorted outside.

“What a night!” Zaetta tweeted us yesterday. “Bomb threat evacuation from AIBC Indian event at sydney Hilton hotel. NSW premier mid speech b4 mine!”

Zaetta was said to be disappointed she could not give her speech.

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