Bollywood Bewilders Aussies

Bollywood Bewilders Aussies

Only 6 years ago I returned to Australia while living between London and India to be asked by a journalist what I was up to these days.
‘Working in BollywoodI proudly replied. To which the journalist bewildered me with, ‘Bollywood, yes I’ve seen that movie, who’s in that again?’ as she waited to scribble down the actors names I might help her with.

Politely smiling I explained that ‘Bollywood’ wasn’t a movie but rather an entire film industry, and the largest in the world at that!

Now it thrills me that the entire of Australia not only knows what ‘Bollywood’ is but many have now seen a Bollywood movie… Oh and Slum Dog Millionaire doesn’t count as one of them as the film is made by an international production company, it just happens to have a story line about Indians and is set in India. That’s how the Indian film industry with its billions of followers view it.

Even more pleasing for me is that Salaam Namaste, the 2nd film I appeared in which was shot in Melbourne, the first Indian film to be shot entirely in Australia was recently aired on SBS here and was very well received by the Australian public.

According to all your kind Twitter and Facebook compliments it was also the first Bollywood film that most of you had seen. And well done since it’s mostly in Hindi with subtitles, apart from me speaking English, and is nearly the traditional 3 hours long.

What Bollywood film have you seen?
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