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Bollywood Bewilders Aussies

Only 6 years ago I returned to Australia while living between London and India to be asked by a journalist what I was up to these days.
‘Working in Bollywood’ I proudly replied. To which the journalist bewildered me with, ‘Bollywood, yes I’ve seen that movie…

Bollywoods Saif Ali Khan On the set of ‘Salaam Namaste’ with Saif

With there success of ‘Salaam Namaste’ shown on SBS last week I’ve been overwhelmed by people emailing asking about the Actors I worked in the film with. Saif Ali Khan (pictured above) was the lead actor in the movie playing Nick the chef. Saif is not only a great friend of mine but one of … Read more

My Exciting Baby News…

Tania Zaetta’s pregnant at 48 with twins: “My donor egg miracle!” Who Dares Wins star Tania Zaetta shares her biggest victory of all – motherhood! – with Womans Day JUN 11, 2018 7:00AM Tania Zaetta made her name overseeing crazy, incredible challenges on TV as the host of Who Dares Wins. But nothing prepared her for the shock … Read more

Bring In Spring Diffuser Blend

This is a fantastic blend combining lemon, grapefruit and geranium. Beautiful for Spring.

Spring Fresh Air Diffuser Blend

October 11, 2017 Share This New Diffuser Blend This is a new diffuser blend I am loving, try it out…

Who Dares Wins 20th Anniversary Feature

Recently featured in, Tania talks with Nick Bond about her time on the hit show Who Dares Wins and Dare The Boss, a charity initiative Tania is involved with as an ambassador.

Mixed Bean & Lime Salad

My 2 min ‘Mixed Bean & Lime Salad’. If you need a quick & delicious salad for a BBQ then this is a winner 🙂

FREE Health & Essential Oil Workshops with Tania Zaetta

Come along to one of Tania’s FREE Community Natural Health Workshops now touring Australia. Find dates and your nearest city below so you can come along.

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