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As a Tv Host, Actress, Natural Beauty Therapist, Pilates & Barre Pilates Instructor I have over 20 years of tips, tricks and secrets to share with you about how I stay trim, toned and healthy at every age and stage of life.

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Tania Zaetta - Free Ebook Download - 6 Wk Online Pilates Program

‘Trim For Spring’ – 6 Wk Online Pilates & Weightloss Program

Trim For Spring’ –  Group Online 6 Wk Pilates Program

Tania Zaetta - 6 Wk Trim & Tone Online Pilates Weightloss program

Don’t leave toning your arms and shoulders plus defining and firming your legs until ‘the day’ you want to wear your favorite sunny day dress… and then shreek in disappointment when you look in the mirror.

We’ve all been there right?

Winter feels a little long and then before you know it Summer is here and you’re not quite feeling body confident to start peel back the layers as the weather warms up let along even think about getting your beach body out in your swimwear!

Well ladies….. Summer Bodies are made in Spring

And the start of Spring is ONLY a few days away –  Monday 1st Sept

Don’t panic… I have the answer for you.


My FIRST EVER –  Group ‘6 Wk Trim & Tone’ Online Spring Shape-Up

No matter:

  • where you live
  • what you have going
  •  how busy you may be

EVERYONE can take part in my 6 Week Online Program and we’ll all be working through each day together –  me included.

It’s easy, realistic, achievable and sustainable to maintain for a healthy body and lifestyle change FOREVER.

I say ‘easy’ because all you need to do is ‘Join Up’ – Follow my Program – Get AMAZING results.

I’ve done all the hard work for you and you just need to:Tania Zaetta Trim & Tone Meals

  • follow my Weekly Meal Plans
  • use my Recipes
  • complete my Online Pilates/Barre Workout Videos
  • read my TZ Tips Members Blog to learn all my tricks, tips and secrets to staying trim, toned, long and lean

Weightloss and healthy weight maintenance is not hard  – you just need to learn what to do and how to do it.

2 decades working as a Tv Host, Actress and Media Personality combined with my health, nutrition and exercise studies as a Qualified Natural Beauty Therapist and Pilates and Barre Instructor allows me to teach and share with you everything I know that keeps me full of energy, confident, strong, positive, trim and toned and best of all ‘injury free’. It’s liberating to have beautifully aligned posture to help you stand tall, proud without any niggly aches and pain. Back problems virtually vanish when you start to strengthen your core and lower back muscles.

This Program is how I live my life everyday so I know it works!

And I know it will get results for you just as it has so many others that you’ll meet on our Members Community Page.

Join Us Now – Receive 2 Extra Bonus Weeks Free – Get Prepared Next WeekTania Zaetta -  Pilates Barre Workouts

We all start our ‘Trim For Spring’ on Monday 1st Sept.

So forward this email to your friends, and do the Program together

You’ve got nothing to lose, except for those winters comfort layers!


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Tania Zaetta - Free Ebook - Foods That Help Keep You Full


Want A Firm, Toned, Butt?

FIRM BUTT Exercise:  ‘Bridge or Pelvic Curl’


Tania Zaetta - Pilates Bridge BasicWant to firm, lift, tighten and tone your butt with one easy exercise you can do anywhere?

This one exercise can be done anywhere to firm, lift, tighten and tone your butt and has lots of variations to go with it.

‘Basic Bridge’, or Pelvic Curl as its known, works your main butt muscle (glute max), your hamstrings and also helps strengthen your pelvic floor and one of those exercises you can feel working as soon as you start doing it.

As you press your hip bones upwards be sure to draw your belly button in towards your spine to activate and engage your core as you press up through the soles of your to help raise your hip bones towards the sky.

Try and keep a straight line from your chest to your hip bones to your knees. Lower back down. Repeat.



Need more of a burn then try my favorite ‘Single Leg or Bridge’

To advance the basic Bridge or Pelvic Curl exercise further, lift one foot off the ground at the top of the exercise, hold, then replace to the ground and lower your body

back down slowly. Balance yourself by pressing down strongly through the sole of the foot of your supporting leg to really help firm and strengthen your butt. Remember you’re aiming for a straight line from your chest to your hip bones to your knees when you raise your body up so press strongly through the soles of your feet to really strengthen and tone your butt.



More Exercise Tips + All My Online Workouts

Click Here to find out more button

Come along to my Barre Pilates Classes on the Mornington Peninsula

(Rye & Rosebud) 



Australia’s First – ‘1 Hr Rapid Tan’ by Puretan

Tania Zaetta  - Puretan -  1 Hr Rapid Tan

Puretan launch
A Golden Bronze tan in ONE HOUR –  Yes Please!!!

Introducing NEW Pure Bronze Rapid Tan1 Hr Tanning Lotionby Puretan

As organised as I like to think I am…. the one thing I often forget, or leave to the last minute, is a bronzed tan to go with that red carpet dress I’m an hour away from slipping into.

Even with my olive skin (one of the many perks of my Italian heritage) I still need extra bronze help throughout Winter –  more so than ever since I’ve been living in Melbourne.

So I was thrilled when my favorite tanning company – Puretan Australia – asked me to be the ‘Face’ of their range and also launch their ‘ 1st to the Australian market’ 1Hr Pure Bronze Rapid Tan in Sydney with 40 of the countries top Beauty Editors.

Adding a different spin to the usual Product Launch Luncheon, Puretan Co-Founder, Danielle Fletcher invited all the editors along for a wonderful girls night of cocktails and giggles to see Baz Luhrmann’s stage spectacular of  ‘Strictly Ballroom‘ the musical who Puretan are the official tanning sponsor. I totally loved the show and we all had a sensational evening with all the editors eager to get home and try the Rapid Tan 1hr in their goodie bags.

Puretan’s most advanced, fasted acting formulation provides you a tan where you can choose your depth of color depending on when you shower.

  • 1 hour light
  • 2 hours medium
  • 3 hours for a deep dark tan

Which means after 1 hour you can skip off to the gym, glam up out for dinner and step out the door confident you’re looking sensational with a natural golden glow. Enriched with Puretan’s signature Green Tea, Aloe Vera and rich hydrating moisturisers  to leave your skin soft and supple.

Available in stores from 1st September, 2014

Receive 25% off all Puretan Products with my VIP TZ Blog Discount Code ‘taniaz’ on all purchases


‘6 Wk Trim & Tone’ Online Pilates & Weightloss Program

Colorful Blurry Background II facebook timeline cover 849 X 312 Aero/Colorful,Blurry,Background,Colorful

Get your body long lean, trim and toned FAST!


Find out about my..

*  Pilates & Barre Pilates, Online Video Workouts

*  Tight Tummy, Firm Butt Exercises

 Nutrition Program with Weekly Meal Plans

*  Easy ‘realistic’ Recipes

*  Low Impact – Low Cardio

*  Suits every woman, every age, every fitness level


Receive your Day 1 Meal Plan, Shopping List & Online Workout INSTANTLY on SIGN UP



~ You’re only weeks away from feeling slimmer, stronger & more confident ~


‘Puretan’ Announces Tania Zaetta as Brand Ambassador

Puretan Campaign
Priceline Stand mockup

PureTAN one of Australia’s leading tanning brands are delighted to announce the appointment of their new Brand Ambassador Tania Zaetta – well known Australian celebrity, TV Host and most recently Health, Fitness, Beauty Expert.

PureTAN is Australian owned and made and has been tanning Australian women with salon quality tanning products and accessories for the past 10 years. This year PureTAN added to their already successful range of tanning products with the introduction of the Pure Moisture Extra Virgin Coconut Body range. The PureTAN and Pure Moisture products are available Nationally in Priceline and Myer stores, and over 1000 Salons and Pharmacies. PureTAN recently launched into the UK, US and New Zealand.

“Tania’s natural beauty and infamous toned body is admired and envied by many around the world and we are thrilled to be working with her,” said Danielle Newton Founder and Co-owner of PureTAN Australia. “Apart from her well known celebrity profile and a life in front of the cameras, her qualifications in natural beauty, skin and body care will provide us with some great support for our customers interested in a healthy lifestyle and are looking for healthy glowing skin.”

Utilising her years of learning the tricks of the trade to get ‘Red Carpet Ready in a hurry’ and time spent in front of the camera, combined with her Tv Work,  Natural Beauty Therapy, Pilates and Barre Pilates Instructor Qualifications, Tania also focuses on her programs for women and sharing her ‘Body Health Beauty’ tips, tricks and secrets for woman everywhere.




Puretan & Pure Moisture ProductsTania Zaetta - Brand Ambassador - Coconut Oil


Find out more about PureTAN & Pure Moisture Coconut Body Range

Read Full Press Release

To arrange an interview with Tania on her tips & tricks on a healthy lifestyle, simple ways to ensure you have glowing skin all year round as well as the benefits of coconut for your body and skin ~

Please contact Star PR & Events

Tania Zaetta Hosts Jerry Hall ‘LIVE’

Jerry Hall & Tania Zaetta Collage

The Perfect Celebrity Host Choice

Tv Host  & Actress Tania Zaetta is fast becoming the perfect CelebrityHost choice after being  invited to Mc, Host and interview the iconic Jerry Hall in a ‘LIVE’ appearance Centre stage at Westfield Southland.

Tania also previously been asked to Host/Mc for Kim Kardashian, Richard Branson, comedy icon Jerry Lewis and Best Selling author Tim Ferris (4 hr Work Week).

 Herald Sun Columnist Lilian Frank describes Tania as the ‘perfect host’ who’s charm and friendliness engages with the crowd, praising event organizers at a recent Crown Palladium Gala Event for being ‘right on the money when they chose her as Mc’.

Jerry Hall charmed audiences with Celebrity Host Tania Zaetta 


Tania Zaetta & Jerry Hall Media

The 6 ft tall original Supermodel and former wife of Mick Jagger is currently in Melbourne to reprise her role as the famous seductress Mrs Robinson in ‘The Graduate’ at Her Majesty’s Theatre

Jerry chatted with Tv Host, Actress and popular Mc Tania Zaetta before an audience of hundreds of admirers in an informal couch style interview before signing copies of her book her ‘My Life In Pictures.

When asked by Tania about previous trips to Australia while married to Rolling Stones Rockstar Mick Jagger, Jerry joked, ‘We used to love coming here together and I know that Aussies loved having Mick here because I would have to fight the girls off Mick with a stick’.

Warm, engaging and with a killer sense of humor, Jerry chatted on stage with Tania for 45 mins about being a fashion icon, her beauty tips, photographs she’d selected for her coffee table book and life with her 4 children with Mick.

Jerry Hall & Tania Zaetta crpd3276

When asked about slipping out of her dress for the famous ‘nude’ scene in The Graduate, Jerry smiled, fluttered her famous Mrs Robinson eyes, a role she’s played numerous times around the world and replied in her Texan accent, ‘Well I’m not completely nude you know Tania, I am wearing high heels’.

 ** Jerry’s Beauty Tricks to maintain her youthfulness **

  •  Exfoliate Daily (also one of see Tania’s Beauty Secrets – Read TZ Blog on Exfoliation)
  • Steam regularly to keep your pores clean and skin plump and hydrated
  • Rub oil onto your face and body daily to keep soft and supple

Jerry Hall & Tania Zaetta

What they Say:

“Tania is one of the most talented and professional MC’s I have had the pleasure of working with, she is fun and relaxed making it so easy to work with her and ensures the event was delivered to the highest standard. Tania has a warm and friendly personality with strong appeal to diverse audiences, with an amazing presence on stage. Tania is our first choice for celebrity events.

Melissa Polglase
Marketing Manager ~ Westfield Southland

 Read more client testimonials HERE

Tania’s Look with Jerry HallTania Zaetta crpd 3481

Dress by Chi The Label
Shoes by Santini

Earrings by Paula Hall Designs | Silver Crystal Bangle by iBare

Makeup by Jacqueline Kalab – Makeup & Hair
Hair by Hair By Ciccone
Styled by Platinum Fashion Agency

Tania Zaetta & Kim KardashianTania Zaetta & Jerry Lewis TZ with Sir Richard Branson 2011

Get the Screen Siren Look – L’oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival 2013

LMFF-1With the wintery grey skies starting to roll in I took a peak into how to brighten up your glow with a beautiful rainbow of violet, navy and plum makeup colors at the L’Oreal Launch of Melbourne’s biggest Fashion Festival.

The 2013 L’Oréal Paris Luncheon launches L’Oréal‘s Melbourne Fashion Festival –‘ LMFF’ as its known in the Social Media world – and its one of my favorite lunches of the year.

Fashion and beauty royalty all come out to play for what really is the ultimate girls catch up – with the odd male Department CEO, Marketing Director and Fashion Designer thrown into break up the skirts and heels .L'Oreal Paris Australia Fashion Festival Lunch

Joining me among the line up of VIP Festival guests were L’Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival Chair, Laura Anderson, L’Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival CEO, Graeme Lewsey and various Australian personalities including ‘Today Tonights’ Helen Kapalos, ‘The Projects’ Magdalena Roze, Fashion Blogger Nadia Coppolino and Khaftan Designer Camilla Frank to mention a few.


This year’s special International guest was L’Oreal Paris ambassador, Hungarian supermodel Barbara Palvin joined by Australian ambassador Megan Gale, who hosted the exclusive event for the first time wearing a Black and Purple Dion Lee dress.

The sought after invitation-only Luncheon held at Maia at the Docklands was a hype of excitement with over 200 guests in attendance celebrating and adding a touch of International Glamour and Style to the day. 14 models showcased this season’s hair and make-up looks and seasonal trends that highlighted L’Oréal Paris Runways.

Rae Morris - L'Oreal Makeup Artist

With brief welcomes and introductions done via the Runway stage we were informed L’Oreal Paris Australia’s make-up director Rae Morrisand her team of 30 hair and makeup stylists would stack up more than 2000 hours preparing all the models backstage for their shows by the end of the week.

Rae shared her top makeup tips and inspiration for her style creations explaining, ‘The Runway look for the season was dual colors, think old school glam meets classic – think Audrey Hepburn  .

Tania Zaetta - LMFF - L'Oreal Launch Lunch 2013


Phew! I was right ‘on trend’ as they say with my ‘classic’ look in a beautifully fitted George Gross dress, Karen Millen shoes and hair swept up in a top knot. 


Rae’s Makeup Tips

  •  Always apply concealer after foundation –  Otherwise the concealer will move as you apply your foundation.
  •  Mascara – always apply two coat – one is never enough! Applying mascara to the top lashes will give more of a cat-eye effect, mascara on both top and bottom lashes will make eyes appear more rounded.
  • To achieve perfect smokey sultry eyes – the number one rule is to keep the colour as close to the lash line as possible and blend well… adding lots of mascara to finish. Smoky eyes can be done with any colour, browns, purples, greens and blues can look great so get creative.
  • Go Plum – Plum Lipstick is this seasons must have lip color – it’s cool and warm coloring means it suits most hair colors and skin tones.
  • Eyeliner Tip – to get the perfect eyeliner flick off the corner of your eye use sticky tape as a stencil to pinpoint exactly where to draw your angle. Draw your eyeliner flick then peel away the sticky tape to reveal a straight even line.

Tip – You can also do this for a perfect winged shadow.

Repeat the steps above by placing the tape at the same angle, then applying the eye shadow and smoking it out to a wing, then peel off the tape.

To get this seasons Opulent Screen Siren Eyes:


  • Violet under lower lash line
  • Navy on the eyelid  – Smokiness in the lashline
  • Orange Gold on the inner corners of eyelids
  • 2 Lashings of Mascara Opulent Glamour

The L’Oreal Paris Look was achieved using:

Loreal EyesLoreal lips

  • L’Oreal Paris colour Riche Les Ombres Eyeshadow in Disco Smoking above and below the eye.
  • L’Oreal Paris Superliner Gel Eyeliner in Black
  • L’Oreal Lash architect 4D in Black Lacquer
  •  Lips – 2 coats – L’Oreal Paris Color Richie Lipstick in 378 Velvet Rose

**Images courtesy of L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival L’Oreal Paris Australia**

Tania Zaetta

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Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival

Lady – Like Fashion for the Females…

Tania Zaetta wears Karen Millen to Oaks & Stakes Day

Flemington Racetrack is home to one of the best weeks Melbourne has offer, Melbourne Cup Week.

It may be the ‘race that stops the nation’ but its also every fashionista’s chance to frock up and frolic.

With the Birdcage Marquees the place to be and Mumm Champagne free flowing, it was the lady – like fashions of many that were getting all the attention for 2012.