Tania’s ‘Mixed Bean & Lime Salad’


My 2 min ‘Mixed Bean & Lime Salad’ is a quick & delicious salad to whip anytime using a tin of mixed beans you can keep in your pantry and always a winner at BBQ’s too 


Tania’s – ‘Mixed Bean & Lime Salad’

Made with 100% Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils –  Tania’s own healthy recipe creation

Serves 4-6

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• 1 tin mixed beans (rinsed & drained tin)
• 1-2 Shallots (chopped shallots)


Mix together in glass then mix through salad
• 2 tablespoons Olive Oil
• 1-2 drops Black Pepper Essential Oil
• 3-4 drops Lime (or Lemon) Essential Oil
• Salt if desired


• 2 tbls Natural Greek Yoghurt
• Chopped Parsley
• Sprinkle with Paprika

TZ TIP: Lasts for days in fridge