TZ Tone-Up Band | Pilates,Yoga & Sculpting Exercises


Trim & Tone with Tania’s Tone-Up Band

Pilates | Yoga | Exercise Circle Resistance Band

TZ Tone-Up Band Exercises

TZ Tone-Up Circle Resistance Bands are used for a variety of exercises to tone the entire body

Perfect to sculpt, tone and define your arms, legs and butt for a whole body workout

Commonly used for Pilates based exercises of lengthening, strengthening and define muscles

This Circle Band can be used for a variety of exercise that can be done anywhere

Use Circle Resistance Band for rehabilitation, fitness, flexibility, and overall muscle tone

Easy to store in your gym bag or office drawer

Light and small to pack in your suitcase for your work travels or holidays

Keep by your couch for easy exercising while watching Tv

  • Resistance Level: Medium
  • Color: Red



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