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Fast Facts

Fast Facts

Born and raised co… Fast Facts Born and raised country girl coming from the small outback town of Merbein, Vic. Situated just outside Milduraon the Murray River, Tania rode her horse to school in the summers. John Howard, Prime Minister at the time, requested to meet Tania on his tour to India, congratulating her on raising awareness to Australians about Bollywood. a Fully Qualified Natural Beauty Therapist, Makeup Artist and Masseuse. trained in MuayThai kickboxing, reaching her instructors level and spent time training in Thailand. holds a diploma in ‘Freelance Writing for Journalism’ and writes articles for various magazines both in Australia and overseas. lived in Paris for a year , took time off work to go to school to learn French and commuted to London fortnightly on the Eurostarfor Tvcommitments. holds her international car racing license for the various celebrity car races she participates in. records community radio announcements for Anti Drug Campaigns.Having never taken drugs Tania is passionate about educating the younger generation not to be bullied into experimenting with drugs. ‘Its cool not to do drugs’ is her message.  

“Just Like U”

“Just Like U”

“Just Like U”
Down Syndrome Feature Film set for the Big Screen and International Film Festivals Sydney. Tania Zaetta joins cast in Aussie Film before planning her return to Bollywood

Campaign gives bounce to Timor fans

Campaign gives bounce to Timor fans

Gold Coast Bulletin. Daniel Meers. April 15, 2010
East Timor looks certain to become an unlikely supporter base for the Gold Coast Blaze through the work of actress Tania Zaetta and the basketball club’s captain James Harvey…

Bollywood Bewilders Aussies

Bollywood Bewilders Aussies

Only 6 years ago I returned to Australia while living between London and India to be asked by a journalist what I was up to these days.
‘Working in Bollywood’ I proudly replied. To which the journalist bewildered me with, ‘Bollywood, yes I’ve seen that movie…

Bollywoods Saif Ali Khan On the set of ‘Salaam Namaste’ with Saif

Bollywoods Saif Ali Khan On the set of ‘Salaam Namaste’ with Saif

With there success of ‘Salaam Namaste’ shown on SBS last week I’ve been overwhelmed by people emailing asking about the Actors I worked in the film with. Saif Ali Khan (pictured above) was the lead actor in the movie playing Nick the chef. Saif is not only a great friend of mine but one of Bollywoods leading actors. He’s starred in over 50 films now, has won the National Film Award for Best Actor for his perfomance in ‘Hum Tum’ (2004), had huge success with ‘Salaam Namaste’ (2005) just to mention a few, including starring in the critically acclaimed ‘Parineeta’ (2005) These successes put him among the most successful actors in the Industry. With all his experience I learnt a lot from him on set and really hope I get to work alongside him in another film soon.

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